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  • tips for happiness
    eWellness Expert

    Tips to boost happiness

    Planning a vacation and having something to look forward to can boost your overall happiness for up to 8 weeks! Start a journey to happiness by understanding yourself with an expert. Book an appointm...
  • how to enjoy life
    eWellness Expert

    Sometimes you just need to disconnect, and enjoy

    Somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace
  • kristen bell quotes
    eWellness Expert

    Importance of mental health

    Mental health check-ins should be as routine as going to the doctor or the dentist. "Frozen" voice actress Kristen Bell
  • girl jogging
    Mandavi Pandey

    8 Reasons to workout today

      8 Reasons to Workout Today   You will have more confidence. You will be more mentally alert. You will be happier. You will have a desire to eat healthy foods. You will have an increased...
  • why we need counselling
    Anjali Khurana

    Why we need counselling

    Why we need counselling