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  • be you
    Garima Agarwal

    Being you!

    At times the image of that 'perfect' girl/ boy, partner, mother, sister, brother, father, aunt, uncle, etc makes us feel bad. we start feeling not good enough. but, to be honest, the very notion of p...
  • self trust is the new heroism
    Garima Agarwal

    Self-trust: The new Heroism

    We all know that building trust requires time, effort and will. Communication and transparency are the tools here. However, what about self-trust? How to trust oneself? Well, there are two tools: Com...
  • Ayushi Jolly

    Impossible means I am possible

    We fear doing so many things because them seem impossible.We tend to forget what that word means.It in itself signifies I am possible. So stop fearing things that you think can't be done.Try doing it...
  • Shruti Gupta Dehradun

    Stand with what you believe

    Stand with what you believe in because if you will then everyone else will too.
  • Shruti Gupta Dehradun

    Believe you can

    Believe In yourself and you can have what you want in life.
  • Shruti Gupta Dehradun

    Believe in yourself

    If people try to pull you down, they do it because they want to bring you to their level as they know they can't reach yours. Don't let such people affect you.
  • motivational quote
    Shena Shaikh

    Believe in yourself

    Ever had that feeling that you were extremely overwhelmed? That you were at your wits end and everything seemed too much to bear? That is exactly how individuals with mental disorder feel every singl...
  • Shruti Gupta Dehradun

    Concentratration comes out of a combintion of Confidence and Hunger

    Your self-belief will make you attain what you initially thought was unattainable. So, have faith in your abilities and concentrate on your goal.

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