Panic Attack-I felt I am dying

panic attack


This happened just a month ago.......

I was in my room preparing for my exams as usual.

All of a sudden I started feeling a strange feeling in my heart that I couldn't shake or get my mind off of.

I went upstairs to talk to my mother, thinking maybe that by talking to her would calm me down. It didn't.

I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was about to go to bed soon. 

Soon after I answered "ok," all the hell broke loose upon me.

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My heart instantly started beating like a engine. I was so terrified as soon as I felt my heart beating at this speed when I put my hand on my chest.

I came out of my house barefoot, started walking in the park, hoping that it would subside.

It got so bad that I fell to my knees pleading to God to keep me alive.

I felt death approaching, my heart exploding. I know now that this was a full blown panic attack.

My head started spinning and my throat started to choke.

My breathing was already fast and shallow.

I fell down on my face to the ground thinking that life has come to an end.

It's all over. This was the end. But I started praying and begging to God to spare me.

I finally managed to receive the strength to stand up, run fast inside the house and grabbed my prayer book lying on my bed.

I started reading verses, and after about an hour of reading, my heart rate slowed down enough to where I wasn't worried anymore.

I believe God saved me that night.

I searched on the internet about this and when I knew that this could be a panic attack, I consulted a psychotherapist and with few months of therapy and medication I have almost forgotten these issues.

Tips to overcome Panic Attack.

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