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  • mother and daughter
    Pooja Sarkar

    Mom, I am worthless, good for nothing.

      Every day my family and I used to have our dinner together. One day my 19yrs old daughter came late to the dinner table and there was discussion regarding politics and sports. My daughter was q...
  • anxiety and men
    Pooja Sarkar

    Is anxiety killing you for more profit in business

    After completion of my higher studies, I went to a new city for further education. There were lots of changes I have ever faced in my life. One of my cousins used to stay there for his work purpose....
  • adhd child and counsellor
    Pooja Sarkar

    My experience: a blend of emotions

    Let me share with you my experience of my son with ADHD. My son is 14yrs old now, and my daughter is 11yrs old. They both go to an international school. I noticed my son had some difficulties...