10 Aug
Pooja Sarkar

Is anxiety killing you for more profit in business

anxiety and men

After completion of my higher studies, I went to a new city for further education. There were lots of changes I have ever faced in my life. One of my cousins used to stay there for his work purpose. He stayed for many years there, so he had helped me to understand the city well. My cousin used to work there as a TL in one of renowned IT companies. Most of the time he was busy on phone and I noticed he has become quite aggressive during words with someone on phone.

  He even used to start smoking very frequently. One day I asked him if he was facing some problems. He never denied to share his problems with me. That day I had to listen to him carefully to know his situation in a better way. I found that it was an intense problem regarding his performance in office.

He wanted to hold his position with respect and wanted to go for further development in career, but he was facing lots of problems in the office environment, he couldn’t handle those things anymore. He has also complained for inadequacy or sleep disturbances. He was stressed all over. As per his self evaluation, his performance was falling down day by day due to the stress factor.

I was thinking of his words, I tried to put myself in his situation, how I would feel then? Working people spend most of their time in their office and the office usually becomes their second home. Home should be like the most secure place for everyone. One who gets trouble at work environment, it will be stressful for him/her. So the very next day I sent a mail to my brother by giving him some tips to get rid of his anxiety.

A recent survey by the American Psychiatric Association and Harris interactive found Millennials to be the most stressed generation in the US. Furthermore, they are being diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders more than any other generation.

Here are some tips for you to stay healthy:

Feel your breath and live: Your body is the only place where you should live in. So feel your breath regularly by doing exercises and start your day by telling yourself that you will do the best.

Create your rules: Once you create your rules you don’t need to spend your time think what should you do next. If you decide to do work till 7pm, no one can change this rule. Once you write these rules in your mind, you don’t need to get worried about small issues.

Live organized: Arrange your priorities and the goals, which you want to work with. Allow you to take control of your mind.

Live in present: Understand your past, how it has affected your present. Work on the present life for betterment.

Live graceful: Practice forgiveness and work to achieve peace within yourself.

Not worry about the tough time: If you have a goal to reach, hurdles will come on the way, don’t over think about these hard times, it will be a right way to achieve your goal.

Not making your goal a priority: You have to decide what kind of priority you will give to your goal, else you will get lost among all your other activities.

Don’t give up before you see the result: Impatience is the enemy of the change. If you don’t get result it doesn’t mean your efforts are wasted.

Mindfulness: You have to concentrate on your work properly, tell yourself at morning what you should do today, and at the end of the day, check it, how you did correctly.

Control your emotions: Learn to accept and value emotions at work. We can’t prevent emotions rather we should accept them. Try to assess the situation and judge what is going wrong in this situation.

It will help you to deal with your daily life stress. Don’t run to get success, keep patience with yourself, you will definitely win one day.

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  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 15, 2017 10:54 PM

    The tips you have mentioned are on point. In today's life, everyone is stressed due to some time or the other. Even children of 14-15 years face stress and anxiety due to the workload in school and several other personal issues. It is important to effectively cope up with them because life throws challenges at each and every moment. It is important for us to make them work according to our ways.

    Life is about trying things you love and learn something about it. There will be changes incoming because of it. But there should be a hope and a belief prevalent in all of us that this stage will pass on and working hard towards making that happen. And not getting anxious of any external factors that comes our way.

  • victor de
    victor de   Sep 05, 2016 03:29 PM

    Nice write-up Pooja Sarkar, I keep visiting eWellness blogs very often, and feel motivated. 

    • Pooja Sarkar
      Pooja Sarkar   Sep 27, 2016 02:56 PM

      Thank you..I need more feedback..have a good day..



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