04 Apr
Oyindrila Basu

Pratyusha Banerjee-Could Her Depressed Mind Be The Cause Of Her Suicide?

pratyusha banerjee



#BalikaVadhu -Kacchi umar ke pakke rishte on Colours TV brought a huge flood of new talent who got a golden opportunity to portray their talent and ability on the screen, and in a short span of time became the heart of every joint family in India. Especially the character of Anandi was loved by the nation as a daughter to be taken proud of. Avika Gaur swore to success as a child artist but grew up the process of the serial which really ran long, and after that there was a leap, after which the plot structure was to change. Now Anandi is a grown up girl and there was enough speculation on who could be the new face for Anandi; who could successfully carry down the legacy of a phenomenal and popular role in the family drama? Finally, the nation chose its daughter again; a new Bengali girl was voted by the audience to play new Anandi who appeared naïve, innocent yet intelligent. Yes, she was none other than the girl next door figure, Pratyusha Bannerjee from Jamshedpur.

Colours TV had given her all that she required as a person who desires growth and success. She was a star overnight. After this, she joined one season of #BiggBoss, which gave her many more friends and foes and she was popular again due to the TRP of the show. She has done several other reality shows and ramp walks, and has enjoyed the limelight on her as long as she was there. She had a huge fan following. Her colleagues and friends admired her sprightly nature; they claimed she was full of life. She was a high social network enthusiast and her twitter and Instagram accounts were always flooded with new updates that were lively and cheering. Then what happened that we encountered the shocking news on the 1st of April? What caused this young and tender girl of 24, to decease herself? The nation was in shock. Big names brooded over the fact; everyone felt it was April fool’s day and may be this was some kind of a big joke, joke from the Almighty; we just couldn’t accept it. Pratyusha was found hanging from the ceiling in her apartment.

The press and public are in anxiety, the case appears to be that of a suicide, though rumours are that it could not be so simple and convenient. There could be some heinous story behind it.

For now, we need to think over, why a young successful girl was pushed towards ending her life?

Apparently she was going through some problems in her relationship with Rahul Raj Singh, with whom she was to get married soon. A few months back she had accused a few guys for molesting her as cops. Her colleagues and friends remember her as the jovial fun loving girl but they have reported that she had cut off all links with them for quite a long time.

Dr Shyam Mithiya, MD, DPM, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sexologist and Counsellor told #Catch “If a person has cut down interacting with those people around. He/ she has stopped interacting the way he/ she used to and if there's a drastic downfall in the kind of interaction he/ she used to do earlier, it is a 200 per cent sign of the fact that the person is suffering from depression".

As for a celebrity, it could be even more serious as they are prone to communicating with more and more people all the time and enjoy exchange of ideas, being the media scoop, they get used to communications; so when such a personality shuts herself from everyone it means something is utterly wrong, she is not well; her mental health is gravely affected.

For a few weeks, her twitter had mournful indicative messages which implied double meaning about what she was going through, “Marke bhi tujhse moonh na morenge” (will not turn away from you even after I die) only explains her morose state of mind.

Dr. Mithiya continues to explain about the psychology behind social network posts and updates,

"A person only puts out something as his/her WhatsApp status or on a social media platform when he/she relates to it. This also shows that the person wants others to know about his/ her status of mind".

Even if a person is posting songs or lyrics as a status on Facebook or Twitter, it means he or she relates to it at that point of time, and probably the lyrics best describes his/her momentary situation.

He also explains how a person living away from family in a hectic stressful environment can go through. He or she doesn’t have a medium to vent their feelings and emotions. No one around to discuss the problems. Gradually he or she develops a kind of anxious approach to his/her work environment, no one in the entertainment world cannot be trusted according to him/her. This can be even more frustrating for an individual.

If Pratyusha actually hung herself, there could be something more than “normal stress”, explains the psychiatrist.

"This is a wake up calm to families and friends who don't consider depression a medical condition. The death of this young star only reiterates the need to spread awareness about depression,” tweeted famous director, #KaranJohar after this heart-rending incidence.



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  • Sanjna Verma
    Sanjna Verma   Aug 19, 2017 09:09 AM

    I have not known Pratyusha Banerjee though, until the news came that she had committed suicide. For someone like me, this story is informative about how poular she was, as an actor and also how no one could reconcile with her death. As she was a jovial person.  Sometimes I feel that these celebrities need to hide what is going through in their lives as the people might publicise it in a wrong manner thereby causing distress to them. It should be realised by each and every human being that no one has the right to undergo suffering irrespective of caste, age or gender. One should try and get out of it. But for that the most important step is to not be judgemental about stuff. If a person comes to you for help, he/she comes to find a solution out of it. Judgements will make them feel more inferior about their situation. It is disappointing that people fail to consider depression as a severe problem. This awareness still has a long way to go.

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