09 Aug
Pooja Sarkar

My experience: a blend of emotions

adhd child and counsellor 

Let me share with you my experience of my son with ADHD.

My son is 14yrs old now, and my daughter is 11yrs old. They both go to an international school.

I noticed my son had some difficulties in understanding. Since he was 6months I said to my husband, but he denied.

I said to my family members they also denied and told me it’s not the age to understand. My son during his 6months used to cry for more than 1hr at a time without any reason.

Once he has grown up and when he started to go to school, I noticed everyday he made some meaningless sounds anytime and couldn’t write properly.

After that I said to my husband again, he shouted at me and denied. Two years passed, when my boy was in grade 4, complains started to come from a school day by day. It was difficult for me to handle it anymore.

I went to a psychiatrist, after hearing everything from me, he suggested me for doing psychometric tests, I did everything, the report came and my son was diagnosed with ADHD.

What is it? I asked the doctor.

It  was an entirely new term for me, I kept questioning to the doctor, whatever, then I got that some attention-concentration problem was there with my son, medicines provided to him to control the secretion of a hormone, named Dopamine.

Actually then I realized to be strong for my son only, I started to look after him more and more. He had to take medicine twice a day, but medicines literally made him drowsy, he always became sleepy after taking it.

For a mother it was so painful that cannot be expressed in words. One day I changed my mind and went to another expert, she was a psychologist, I asked help from her to change my son’s life.

She helped me to understand what was going into my son’s mind and why he behaved like that. She used to take two sessions per week with my son and me.

It was the best time for me to go to her chamber and talked to her. My son amazingly built up a rapport with her after a few sessions and he worked almost according to her words.

He started to develop his unrecognized quality. We were really impressed and happy, that psychologist told us to talk to the school for special classes.

My son started to go to special classes, and the most important thing was he studied as per his capacity. He did well then.

Whatever area, he was lacking, we were focused on those areas to improve rather than academic performance.

My son also started realizing the importance of concentration and efforts needed for it, he is now in grade 8, and he is daily improving himself.

My family members and I would like to thank the psychologist who helped us understand meaning of life and gave us positive lights to live life happily.

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  • Heena Sheth
    Heena Sheth   Aug 22, 2017 09:17 PM

    One can only imagine your will power and the courage that you have displayed and continue to do so. All children are different, have different set of skills and it is important for the adults and elders to understand this. It makes me really happy that your son is doing much better now. It is important that early intervention takes place wherever needed, for it gives one enough time to prepare the caretaker and the helper to mentally prepare themselves and find the apt solution to it.

    Moreover, it is inspiring to see a parent remain postive in this situation. I commend your spirit. Here's hoping that more parents visit a psychologist who can describe to them what the condition is about and guide them how to deal with it. I hope other parents don't give up hope and don't stop believing. The importance of being positive leads to long term victories, one of them being your child learning to keep the right mindset and attitude in tiems of crisis, becasue he has seen you do it.

    I hope your son excels in whichever field he chooses to pursue his career in and move ahead with life. ADHD isn't a setback.

    Best Wishes.

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