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    Counselor & Trauma Psychologist | PhD with 20 years of experience
    PhD in Psychology, Master, B.A, Diploma
    Experience: 20 years      Speaks : Arabic, English, French, Hebrew
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    I am Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Abu Nada from Palestine (Gaza Strip. I have B.A in nursing from the Islamic university in Gaza, master degree in public health (community mental health) from Al-Quds university in Palestine and PhD in psychology from Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium). In the past. I have been worked in several positions in both local organization (Gaza Community Mental Health Program and currently I am working at United Nation for relieve and working agency (UNRWA), and international organizations in (Belgium), all of these post were related to delivering services to mental health and psychosocial clients- traumatized people as a result of the ongoing political conflicts in the Gaza Strip, MH clients, ex-political prisoners, traumatized children at UNRWA schools, psychosocial school counselors, teachers and Parents from different origins with different languages, habits, and customs'. I have worked as team manager and community mental health supervisor. In addition to preparing and implementing many projects related to mental health field. I worked on capacity building for many mental health professionals working in the field of mental health. Moreover, I have published several scientific articles in different international journals such as 1- AbuNada I, Celestin-Westreich S, van den Broeck W, & Celestin LP (2010) Posttraumatic stress among Palestinian adolescents in the Gaza strip: an analysis of event-related and demographic factors. Europe Journal of Psychol. 2- Thabet, A., Abu-Nada, I., Shivram, E., Millingen, E., & Vostanis, P. (2009). Parenting Support and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on Children of a War Zone. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 3, 226-237.

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