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    Psychiatrist - all age groups | MD Psychiatry with 6 yrs of exp
    MB BS, MD (psychiatry)
    Experience: 6 years      Speaks : English, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu
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    Dr. Sushil Kumar S V, MBBS, MHA, MD, MIMA, FIPS, MIAN, MISDA, launched an independent medical and mental health practice for child/pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric groups as a primary healthcare giver. Dr. Sushil Kumar S V effectively uses the internet and web-based consultations to collect and generate information to be able help his patients and families with the required medical and mental health education and suggest medications where appropriate. He handles all medical and mental health problems with professional concern. Interacts effectively and efficaciously with patients, families, and other mental health workers to learn about mental health problems. Manages outpatient clients with behavioral disturbances, Addictions, ADHD, anxiety, autism, bullying, conduct/oppositional defiant disorders in children, depression, epilepsy/seizures, grief and loss, panic disorder, stress, sexual dysfunction and other mental disorders.

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