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    Relationship Expert | Masters in Psychology with 5 years of experience
    B.A. Hons. Psychology, M.A. Psychology, B.Ed., PhD
    Experience: 5 years      Speaks : English, Hindi, Punjabi
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    Aakanksha is a psychologist who aims to bring a positive change in the lives of people through her work. She has earlier worked as an Assistant Professor at University of Delhi. She is also pursuing PhD in Psychology from Delhi University. With strong academic background in Psychology, she deeply understands the nuisances of mental health. She is a young and dynamic psychologist and scholar who efficaciously understands the need for appropriate interventions in the area of mental health and wellness. Her work has always been need based and action oriented. She also started her small psychological centre, Together We Can where she is providing mental health counselling and career guidance. She believes that a lot can change with a listening ear, a receptive mind and a gentle touch!

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